FogScreen® life

FogScreen® life enables fast, efficient and silent air purification of small particles, bacteria and viruses indoors and in public spaces.

FogScreen® eMotion F7

The powerful air flow rate combined with an effective F7 (ISO 16890) glass synthetic filters guarantees a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Our experience in laminar flow, filteration methods, iterated technical solutions combined with air flow knowhow provides uniq solutions for customers seeking better air.

Whether you need better air for healthcare, commercial and business, service, education, manufacturing and industry, real estate and construction, sport and entertainment segments, in private or public sector FogScreen air purifiers are right answer for your needs.

Are you in charge of office, cafeteria or restaurant, school, hotel, brand store, night club, museum, movie theatre, manufacturing plant, or some other kind of indoor area? All these spaces air quality challenges can be solved with our solutions.

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