FogScreen Ez

The 1.03m wide New Generation FogScreen®eZ can bring the FogScreen® magic almost into any sized space, without inhibiting floor space. FogScreen®eZ is the perfect solution for permanent or non-permanent installations in the entertainment sector. With its plug & play feature, compact body design, sharp image and virtually drip-free characteristics FogScreen®eZ can be adapted to fit any venue.

Technical Dimensions

Unit dimensions:

Width 103 cm (3.4 ft), depth 59 cm (1.9 ft), height 60 cm (1.95 ft)

Projection Surface:

Width 80cm (2.6ft)


85 kg (190 lbs)

Power Requirements

Voltage: 100-240 V, min 10A

Power Consumption

1 kW

Water Consumption

2-5 l/h

Operating Temperature

Normal room temperature, designed for indoor use. The operating temperature range is +5 to +40 °C


User interface in the unit , IR control, DMX-512 control