Pro Av Applications

    • ncrease ROI
    • Expand business possibilities
    • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
    • Bring magic into any event

Pro Av Applications

FogScreen®Pros and 2 Inias. During the year we did 29 events with high-end clients such as BMW, VW, Peugeot, Microsoft, West, L&M, Miele, UCB and Gazprom, and additionally re-sold 2 screens. Today we have 6 FogScreen®Pros and 1 New Generation FogScreen®eMotion in our inventory making us one of the largest FogScreen® providers in the world. The focus for next year is clear: more events with existing and new clients, bigger set-ups and new target segments for both rental and reseller operations”. –Jan Neubauer, Screenrental s.r.o.

FogScreen® can bring magic into almost any type of event including product launches, brand promotion, corporate events, trade fairs, retail, live entertainment, weddings, private parties etc. – its possibilities to create revenue are endless! FogScreen® is the perfect solution for all innovative AV & Event companies who want to distinguish themselves from their competitors by providing unforgettable experiences for their customers.


Interactive FogScreen® from FogScreen® on Vimeo.

Enhance the shopping experience with Interactive FogScreen®: Get the consumers’ attention, communicate brand messages effectively and increase brand recognition! FogScreen® is not just a passive projection screen but can be turned into an immense touch screen, greatly expanding its application possibilities! FogScreen® can be configured with two separate types of interactivity: for kiosk applications the FogScreen® can become a large, floating touch screen, high resolution images float in the air and react to or interact with finger touches. FogScreen® can also show images that interact and react at a distance to arm and body movements. In either configuration, the screen can support branded campaigns and customized content that attracts attention and captures the visitor’s imagination!

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