Entertainment Applications

  • Add a WOW factor to any concept
  • Increase dwell time
  • Increase remembrance, understanding and appreciation of key concepts
  • Create unforgettable sensory experiences
  • Create walk through magic
  • Increase frequency of visits
  • Create reveal effect

Entertainment applications

UNFORGETTABLE ENTRANCE: Create a ‘reveal’ effect with FogScreen®! By placing the screen at an entrance, you’ll be sure to create an unforgettable experience for customers from the moment they enter.

STUNNING IMMATERIAL SPACE DIVIDER to divide rooms and influence customer flow without inhibiting floor space.

CREATE CGI AND HOLOGRAPHIC SPECIAL FX PROJECTIONS: Have ghostly images float in mid-air and appear out of nowhere!

ULTIMATE SPECIAL FX to create a magical ambience. FogScreen® can be used as a platform to showcase different ambient projections to create a special atmosphere within any venue.

HIGHLIGHT KEY CONCEPTS: Increase dwell time and recall of key messages and concepts.

The application possibilities are truly endless – the only limit is your imagination!


Interactive FogScreen® from FogScreen® on Vimeo.

Enhance the shopping experience with Interactive FogScreen®: Get the consumers’ attention, communicate brand messages effectively and increase brand recognition! FogScreen® is not just a passive projection screen but can be turned into an immense touch screen, greatly expanding its application possibilities! FogScreen® can be configured with two separate types of interactivity: for kiosk applications the FogScreen® can become a large, floating touch screen, high resolution images float in the air and react to or interact with finger touches. FogScreen® can also show images that interact and react at a distance to arm and body movements. In either configuration, the screen can support branded campaigns and customized content that attracts attention and captures the visitor’s imagination!

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