Advertising & Digital Signage Applications

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Advertising & Digital Signage Applications

FogScreen® creates a whole new advertising platform on which ads float in the air and shoppers can walk through and physically interact with. FogScreen®’s Ads in the Air provide retailers and advertisers with a unique way of displaying ads that attract and hold the attention of shoppers.

FogScreen® has now launched the Ads in the Air concept in Finland in the Iso Omena “Big Apple” shopping center in the Helsinki area and the initial responses have been excellent. Customers are amazed to see the ads floating in the air above the escalator and reach out to touch them, often smiling and talking about this amazing experience as they go through the advertisement.

For advertisers this offers a new attention grabbing advertising platform. FogScreen®’s unique Ads in the Air:

  • Increase visitor volumes and ensure higher traffic where ever they are
  • Get shoppers attention and more effectively present the advertiser’s message
  • Get shoppers to interact with the advertising
  • Improve shoppers recall of the advertising
  • Give shoppers an experience that is new and entertaining

These features make FogScreen® the most effective advertising platform for shopping centers, retail stores, airports, movie theatres and the like, providing Ads in the Air that captivate and mesmerize consumers.

Our unique business model makes it extremely attractive to acquire the complete “plug and play” FogScreen® package and generate revenue from the Ads in the Air concept.

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Business Development
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Interactive FogScreen® from FogScreen® on Vimeo.

Enhance the shopping experience with Interactive FogScreen®: Get the consumers’ attention, communicate brand messages effectively and increase brand recognition! FogScreen® is not just a passive projection screen but can be turned into an immense touch screen, greatly expanding its application possibilities! FogScreen® can be configured with two separate types of interactivity: for kiosk applications the FogScreen® can become a large, floating touch screen, high resolution images float in the air and react to or interact with finger touches. FogScreen® can also show images that interact and react at a distance to arm and body movements. In either configuration, the screen can support branded campaigns and customized content that attracts attention and captures the visitor’s imagination!

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