Riding Through A Mirage

Riding Through A Mirage

FogScreen® Adds Exciting Effects to Sally Dark Rides

Sally Corporation, the Jacksonville, Florida-based company known worldwide for their
innovative, high-quality interactive dark rides, has incorporated the New Generation FogScreen®eMotion projection screen into its newest dark ride, Scream in the Dark, which is set to open in Pattaya, Thailand, at the end of October. This is the sixth Sally ride to offer guests the exciting and intriguing experience of riding into and through a huge frightening image of a face that is moving and laughing. In Scream in the Dark the image being projected onto the “dry” FogScreen® is Crazy Clown, the demented main character in this interactive carnival world scarefest.

“The FogScreen® technology is a great addition to our arsenal of special effects,” says Sally Corporation CEO John Wood. “We first used it in our Ghost Blasters II ride at Elitch Gardens in Denver. It has been very well received…guests really enjoy the experience. We have used the Pepper’s ghost effect, distorting mirrors, water curtains, swingouts, falling objects and many other special effects and surprises in our rides, but our FogScreen® projections definitely add an exciting new dimension to the overall ride experience.”

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From his point of view, Ray Dominey, vice president of technical services, says, “The FogScreen® equipment is easy to install and control, and the fact that no special filtration is required for the water is a big plus, both for installation and ongoing park maintenance. You get a great looking effect that audiences love and it’s very affordable; FogScreen® works well within our budgets.”

The other four Sally rides equipped with FogScreen® projection screens are at four Cedar Fair parks: Carowinds, Kings Dominion, Kings Island and Canada’s Wonderland. The equipment winstalled as part of a complete re-themeing of existing Scooby-Doo interactive rides into Boo Blasters on Boo Hill by Cedar Fair last season. “I felt the FogScreen® would go a long way in creating a new experience for the visitors,” says Wood, “ and it has…it’s a big hit.”

Wood was initially introduced to the FogScreen® technology at an IAAPA show (an annual international parks and attractions industry conference and trade show). “I thought it would be a great effect in dark rides then, and when I experienced it in the revamped Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyworld, I was sold,” he says. “It is the perfect medium for CGI projections in our rides.”

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