Glamorous FogScreen® in Monaco

Mediterranean sun and chic environment, meters away from one of the most famous casinos in the world, would there be a better location for a Nightclub show than Monaco?

Few days ago, FogScreen® participated with Rocleri Monaco in the Monaco International Clubbing Show 2012.

For the first time, the smallest model of the family, FogScreen®eZ, was on display captivating the audience and attracting visitors to walk and dance through it!

The mix of technologies offered by Rocleri nolvadex no prescription combined holographic solutions, olfactory marketing, interactivity applications and our unique FogScreen® patented system.
A perfect audio-visual experience!

3 days at 100dB, light, 5 senses in action, glamour and passion on the dance floor, FogScreen® was there:
FogScreen® belongs there.


Three different screen models with endless application possibilities

» FogScreen®eZ
» FogScreen®eMotion
» FogScreen®Pro

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Rocleri Monaco – FogScreen®eZ Demo

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