FogScreen® goes clubbing in Monaco!

What could be better than visiting the Monaco International Clubbing Show and enjoying some of the best AV Systems in the world?

FogScreen® and Rocleri will celebrate their new partnership during the 7th, 8th and 9th of November in Monaco, and we want you to be part of it.

We will be displaying for the first time in a European Show the amazing FogScreen®eZ, a small stand-alone projection screen where images float in the air!

FogScreen® projections screens can be used in all sort of nightclubs environments: dance-floor, nolvadex pills corridor, atriums, VIP areas or more. Whether you project with video projection or laser projection, you will captivate your audience with entertaining effects or even make some profit using the fog as unique advertising billboard.

Don’t miss it: visit our booth, 15, and see what it feels to walk through shadow dancers…

More information:

Or by contacting Esteban Carrizo,
+358 40 558 7398


Three Different Screen Models With Endless Application Possibilities

» FogScreen®eZ
» FogScreen®eMotion
» FogScreen®Pro

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