FogScreen® charms Paris!

What a better way to start the year than visiting Paris with an interactive FogScreen®eMotion screen?

Last January FogScreen® Reseller for France, Arts FX, attended the AV exhibition SIEL in Paris with one multi-touch interactive FogScreen®eMotion.

The effect was stunning and attracted a huge number of visitors who wanted to interact with the images and get a chance to walk through the fog!

The interactive scanner had been borrowed by FogScreen® Czech Republic reseller, ScreenRental. It is a small piece of hardware attached to the side of the screen (or to the truss or even placed on the floor) that allows you to turn your fog display into an reactive surface. You can have single touch applications or go the whole way and use both hands at once to play with the screen. This system can be used for informative buy nolvadex london purposes, such as indoor billboards, or entertainment applications, such as quiz games, arcade games or any fun idea you might have!

“Having the interactive FogScreen®eMotion was a great decision for this show. We are also glad that ScreenRental and FogScreen® provided all their support to turn this exhibition into a success. We got attention, we had plenty new contacts and it was a great environment to host visitors and speak about AV Technologies that engage the public. Everyone was photographing, filming or simply trying to touch the fog, I have never seen a display create so much fuss!”

Stephan Dauphin, General Director of Arts FX.


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