FogScreen® at PLASA London. Fog never looked so cool!

FogScreen® at PLASA London. Fog never looked so cool!

FogScreen® projections screens were back at PLASA after a few year break: the necessary time for us to develop and launch an amazing 2 meter wide FogScreen®eMotion projection screen.Contact Us today for more information and to get the best deal!

Hundreds of visitors stopped by our booth during the show to experience the sensation of walking through our screens. With comments such as “this is a wow factor!” or “this is the coolest thing on display at PLASA!”, our crew enjoyed this 4 day event watching the audience having fun, taking pictures and constantly finding new uses for this unique technology.

FogScreen® is a Finnish invention that creates a thin curtain of natural, fresh and dry fog – no chemicals or additives – onto which you can project nolvadex tablets pictures, logos, videos or even lasers. Used in events and permanents installations worldwide, FogScreen® provides a new billboard that will not inhibit floor-space. Want to know more? Get in touch!

Join us and walk through magic® by visiting us at Don’t forget to check out the latest pictures and videos on our social media -pages.

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FogScreen® would like to thank PLASA Show organisation for a really smooth event and also Laserworld for an exciting test of one of their great laser projectors. Special thanks to our UK Distributor, Andrew Hesketh ( who made our attendance possible and will continue offering demonstrations, rentals, sales or leasing plans all over the UK. And of course, thanks to all visitors that made this event even more memorable!

- The FogScreen/Fogio team