FogScreen Ads in the Air comes to Holland

The Ads in the Air concept was launched in the Hoog Catharinje shopping centre in Utrecht, Holland on Friday 15th May 2015. Hoog Catharinje is part of the Corio and Klépierre group of shopping centres and has 24 million visitors per year.

The shopping centre is undergoing major expansion and wanted to bring something new, exciting and entertaining to the centre that would provide both a platform for advertising and an experience that would wow its customers. The response to Ads in the Air definitely succeeded in doing just that!

Customers were amazed to see the images floating in the air and stopped to take order nolvadex pictures of themselves and friends walking through and standing in the FogScreen. Crowds stood and watched in amazement as people interacted with the screen, laughing and joking as they played with it.

Jeroen Puik, Centre Manager, was thrilled with the reaction and expressed his pleasure with the response of customers, saying that it had “exceeded expectations”.

This is the first step in the expansion of FogScreen Ads in the Air in Holland and we look forward to many more shopping centres, retail stores and cinemas installing FogScreens and using this exciting new media platform to entertain and WOW their customers!